EXCLUSIVE: Next election outcome ‘still uncertain’ despite Labour poll lead, polling guru says

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By: Mike Underwood

UK polling guru Professor Sir John Curtice says the outcome of the next general election is “still uncertain” despite the Labour party leading across multiple polls.

In an exclusive interview with WeThink, Sir John said despite Labour’s healthy lead in the polls (averaging around 17-18 points), nothing is certain and the outcome of the next general election is by no means set in stone.

He said: “Maybe an eight or nine point lead might still only be enough for a Labour hung parliament.  That is certainly one of the $64,000 questions, about which we are going to remain uncertain for much of the next 12 months.”

Sir John also shared his views on:

  • Is voting reform necessary?
  • How big an election issue will climate change be?
  • Will there be another EU Referendum?
  • Plus loads more.

Watch our exclusive interview now on YouTube.


By: Mike Underwood

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