WeThink launches pioneering voter prediction tool with The Economist

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By: Mike Underwood

WeThink’s data are powering a new interactive tool, built by The Economist, to predict how people may vote in the next general election.

The Economist created the "build-a-voter" tool, using WeThink’s polling data, which lets people explore the voting intention of more than 900,000 demographic groups (based on eight characteristics) that make up Britain’s electorate.

For example, you can find out how a white, unemployed middle-aged man in the north-west of England may vote compared to a 24-year-old Asian woman in full-time employment in the south of England.

Have a go with the tool here: Can you build a British voter? | The Economist

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Have a go with the tool here:

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This is such a cool and exciting project. We pride ourselves on gathering robust polling data, so to see it being used and brought to life in such an innovative way is brilliant.  

There’s no doubt that the Build A Voter tool will provide fascinating insights in the run up to the next general election and we can’t wait to see how accurate the predictions are after polling day.

Brian Cooper, Managing Director, Omnisis / WeThink

The Economist uses eight demographic characteristics (region, age, sex, ethnicity, education, employment, housing and population density) to build its voter intention database from nearly 100,000 responses recorded by WeThink since September 2023.

The tool produces two charts – the first shows how each characteristic shifts an individual’s probable vote from the national average; the second shows how this voter compares with other groups of voters, and how many Britons share the same characteristics.

James Fransham from The Economist said: “The data from WeThink were invaluable in creating this tool.”

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By: Mike Underwood

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