Sunak hits record popularity and approval lows in latest poll

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By: Mike Underwood


Prime Minister Rishi Sunak hit his lowest-ever net approval score and support as the nation’s preferred leader, a new WeThink poll has revealed. 

Mr Sunak’s net approval fell by three points to hit –31, one lower than his previous record low. 

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And if that wasn’t bad enough, the PM dropped three points in the pollster’s ‘preferred Prime Minister’ tracker to sit on 23%, his lowest level of support since WeThink began polling in September 2022.

Meanwhile, Sir Keir’s popularity was given a boost as he picked up three points to sit on 45%.

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In a week that saw Natalie Elphicke defect from the Conservative party to join Labour as its newest MP, Sir Keir Starmer’s party increased its lead in the poll by three points to 23, with 47% of the vote.

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WeThink asked whether or not Mr Starmer was right to accept Mrs Elphicke into the red fold with voters split right down the middle 50/50. 

However, 59% said there should be a by-election in order for sitting MPs to change party and 63% do not believe Natalie Elphicke shares the values of the Labour movement. 


With a general election just around the corner, WeThink asked how voters engaged with the manifestos of political parties and how they would find the information needed to decide who to vote for. Here's what they said:

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Sir Keir Starmer picked up three points to move back into the green on his net approval score this week.

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Brexit exc 240510.jpeg

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BREXIT (All Respondents)


Re-join (+2)


Stay Out (-1)


Don't know / won't vote (-1)

This week’s poll was conducted on 9th-10th May 2024, questioned 1,183 people and is weighted to a national representative population.

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By: Mike Underwood

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